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Schlagquartett Köln

The Schlagquartett Köln made its debut at the Witten Festival of New Chamber Music in 1989.
Its adventurous repertoire covers a variety of styles, and includes a wide sample of the music composed for percussion during the last century.

Numerous concerts, radio productions, and premieres of works by C. Bauckholt, E. Denissow, B. Furrer, W. Rihm, D. Schnebel, S. Sciarrino, G Stäbler, V. Staub, C. J. Walter, Thomas Witzmann, to name just a few, testify to the ensemble's commitment to this special genre over the past ten years.

The Schlagquartett Köln works together closely with composers of the younger generation, and demonstrates considerable flexibility in solving the complex problems posed by individual works: for instance, by coming up with innovative instrumental techniques or making special instruments.
When not working as an ensemble, the individual members perform as soloists, as well as with respected orchestras and chamber music ensembles, including Ensemble Modern, Klangforum Wien, Musikfabrik NRW, Thürmchen Ensemble, Ascolta Ensemble, Scola Heidelberg und Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin....

The Schlagquartett Köln performs regularly at international festivals: Weltmusiktage 1995 Essen, Wien Modern 1999, Berliner Festwochen 2000, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik 1989/2001/2002, Ilkhom Festival Usbekistan 2006, Eclat 2005 Stuttgart , Musik im 21.Jahrhundert 2006 Saarbrücken, Klangaktionen und Musica Viva München 2003/04/05, Warschau Autumn 2006, Transit Festival Belgien 2006, Ultraschall Festival Berlin 2008, Biennale München 2008....

It has also taken part in music theatre projects at the Cologne theatre, Düsseldorf theatre and Opera House, the Bonn Opera House, the Bielefeld Municipal Theatre, Basel Theatre, and the State Theatre in Wiesbaden.

Its CD of N. A. Huber's "Herbstfestival" (Autumn Festival) was awarded the German Record Critics' Prize in 1996.

In 2003 the Schlagquartett Köln received the Ernst von Siemens Musikfoundation Reward















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