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The Schlagquartett Köln made its debut at the Witten Festival of New Chamber Music in 1989, giving the first performances of works by Wolfgang Rihm, Edison Denissow and others. Among experts, this ensemble has long been seen as a guarantee for convincing, finely honed performances. Its members, graduates from the Karlsruhe, Cologne and Trossingen music academies, explore unconventional worlds of sound with a dedication and professionalism that are rare in the contemporary music scene.

The enormous range of conventional and exotic instruments used by the Quartet dazzles both the eye and the ear; it is surprising how even the most banal everyday objects undergo a metamorphosis in the hands of these four percussionists.

Its adventurous repertoire covers a variety of styles, and includes a wide sample of the music composed for percussion during the last Century. Numerous concerts, radio productions, and premieres of works by C. Bauckholt, E. Denissow, B. Furrer, W. Rihm, D. Schnebel, S. Sciarrino, G. Stäbler, V. Staub, C. J. Walter, and Th. Witzmann, to name just a few, testify to the ensemble's commitment to this special genre over a period of more than ten years. The Schlagquartett Köln works together closely with composers, and helps them in the search for the precise sounds they require. This gives rise to innovative instrumental techniques, often combined with the development and fabrication of new instruments. In this way, the Quartet helps to add to the resources available to composers, and strongly influences the way they write for percussion instruments in the future. The Schlagquartett Köln is particularly concerned with promoting composers of the younger generation, something that is reflected in its many commissions and in its concert programmes over the past few years.

When not working as an ensemble, the individual members of the Quartet perform as soloists, as well as working with respected New Music ensembles in Germany and abroad.

The Schlagquartett Köln has performed regularly at international festivals: Weltmusiktage 1995, Hörgänge (Vienna) 1995/97, Tage Neuer Orchestermusik '96, Saar Music Festival 1998, Landmarks '99, Vienna Modern 1999, Berlin Festival 2000, etc.. It has also been involved in music theatre projects at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus and Opera House, the Bonn Opera House, the Bielefeld Municipal Theatre, and the State Theatre in Wiesbaden.

The Schlagquartett Köln's talent for turning selected compositions into true works of art with its mixture of instinct and team spirit won it the German Record Critics' Prize for its CD of N. A. Huber's "Herbstfestival" and in 2003 the Ernst-von-Siemens Musicfoundation Reward.
















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