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Yoav Chorev

studierte Komposition an der Buchmann-Mehta Musikschule Tel Aviv bei Ruben Seroussi und Amnon Wolman. 2016 ging er nach Linz, wo er bei Carola Bauckholt an der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität studiert. Seine Studien wurden durch die Mifal Hapais Foundation und Holons Excellencestipendium gefördert. Er hielt Vorträge beim Experimentalstudio des SWR in Warschau, Freiburg und Ljubliana, bei den Larch Road Seminars der Harvard University und beim Tzlil Meudcan Festival in Tel Aviv. Chorev wurde bereits von Zone Experimèntale, Ensemble ET/ET, Ensemble Ascolta, Ensemble Reconsil, Ensemble formanti, und Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble gespielt.

Froschchor (2018)

In a homage to Earl Brown’s notation, 4 percussion players are playing using their mouth, and the overtones it creates, while holding a metal lid with their lips, by tapping it with a prepared DIY (Do It Yourself - built by oneself) vibrating wooden stick. It creates a texture, that is decontextualized because of the slow meter, to a sonic environment similar to singing animals. It will define a glossary from its natural spectral tendencies, that will allow all sorts of connections to emerge.
The piece relies on one’s internal ear, to achieve the written pitch, which is controllable in similarities to whistling: the sound comes from recognition of the sound in an accurate way, used for singing or ear development. It also suggests that a percussion player doesn't work only with the hands and can create music with all parameters. Percussion for me is more an approach to an instrument, rather than being able to play marimba or xylophone. There is a percussionist way to play a violin for example, a method that is omnimusical, a musical approach to instruments of all kinds, and non instruments that with the right mindset, can be handled as a musical instrument.

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