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Chanhae Lee (xxxx)

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Isudeyeub (2006) for soprano and four percussion players

One of the most memorable moments of Japan's 2003 Hachujiman World Talent Expo was the presentation of a multimedia display titled Isudeyeub.
Amidst the rustic atmosphere of an antique theater, the performance brought together a computer graphic display, contemporary dance, and electronic music as a fitting backdrop for a soaring vocal solo. The artful blending of multiple medias, technology, and tradition, created a powerful and unforgettable experience for audiences and participants alike. Isudeyeub is a reference to one of a variety of traditional Korean art songs. It is an example of "chunga," or art songs popular amongst the upper class. Consisting of five stanzas, the isudeyeub form also includes an interlude between the third and fourth movements, and a postlude following the fifth movement. Historically, isudeyeub also adheres to a strict metric form of sixteen beats per measure, though deviations from this are not uncommon in modern times. The singer is accompanied by a single "changu," a traditional Korean drum-like instrument.
Lee's contemporary interpretation of isudeyeub was inspired by the performance given at Hachijuman. It is written for soprano and percussion quartet, and performed on instruments comprised solely of metal and glass. The score also calls for vocal participation by the percussionists, supplementing their instrumental roles.

It is the composer's hope that this work contribute to a new direction in contemporary music, perhaps inspiring new and innovative areas for future generations to explore.

Uraufführung am 20.05.2006 in Saarbrücken, Schlagquartett Köln















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