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Victor Taboada (*1988)

is a Mexican artist who has been characterized for his insatiable pursuit of representing his amazement for the dynamic textures in the randomness of daily life and the nature. He has a bachelor degree in musical composition by “Escuela Superior de Música de Sinaloa” (Culiacán, Mexico), 6 certificates in music with new technologies in the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Art (CMMAS) and is presently doing his graduate studies in music composition at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversitat (Linz, Austria). His main composition tutors have been Gonzalo Macías Andere, Javier Álvarez Fuentes and Carola Bauckholt, in addition to have taken lessons with more than 50 important artists of different disciplines in workshops and master classes.
Has been called to make works for festivals and programs such as "Sui generis Lab 2013", “White Noise fest 2014”, “Instrumenta Oaxaca fest 2014”, “Ex nihilo fest 2015” "CENART Summer 2015" "Prácticas de vuelo 2016” “Festival Internacional Cervantino 2016”. “Leicht Über Linz 2017” and for the ensembles like “String quartet Q-arte”, “Guitar Quartet México nuevo” “Orquesta Sinfónica Sinaloa de las Artes" and “Airborne Extended”.

Counterpunch (2018)

It is a performance of 4 individual circumstances that occur in the same period of time, in which an attempt is made to show a counterpoint of elements that can be related to each other in a morphological way to generate, at a certain moment, a rich timbrical, rhythmical, spatial and also visual texture.

Uraufführung am 3. Dezember 2018 in Linz, Schlagquartett Köln















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